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logo gca tirol 400x400Geocaching, also known as GPS scavenger hunt, is a kind of electronic treasure hunt for young and old at the Muttereralmpark. Just enter the data of the alleged treasure into the GPS device and start your adventure!


Cachetipps (Links)

d5eee120-3b7a-4cda-aca2-788676b7eb7cMuttereralm - Der traditionelle Cache (GC3PCKQ bzw. OXZTERQ liegt ca. 7 Gehminuten von der Bergstation der Gondelbahn entfernt. Nord 47° 12.647’  Ost 011° 19.776’ Regular, Schwierigkeit 2.0Getarnt, Gelände 2.0 Spaziergang, Attraktivität 3.0 Witzig, Größe 4.4 Regulär, Koordinaten finden sich auch auf den Plattformen (englisch) und (deutsprachig) 

Bianka - The Cache is on 2150 meters altitude. Good health condition and fitness assumed. Possible starting point: Mutters (more comfortable with the cable car) Image gallery and impressions

Innsbrucker Almenweg (walk from hut to hut)
That chache i spart oft he „Innsbrucker Almenweg“ and can be logge das single. Good health condition and fitness is assumed to log all tags. ) Image gallery and impressions


„Almenweg 3“ is on 1.620 meters altitude close to the Mutterer Alm. The „Almenweg“ is going from the Kemater Alm over the Hoadl to the Birgitzer Alm, Götzner Alm, Mutterer Alm, Raitiser Alm and Kreither Alm to the Pfarrach Alm. A part of that walk leads as forest path flat till slightly advanced (altitude difference of 100m) from the Kreither Alm (1.492 m) over the Raitiser Alm (1.553 m) and Mutterer Alm (1.608 m) tot he Götzner Alm (1.542 m). Access to the cache is possible from different directions . Ideally from Mutters with the cable car, on foot or with the mountainbike.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching (pronounced: geo • cashing) is a game invented by pirates. Well, not exactly. But they were definitely on to something. As legend goes, swashbucklers hid their treasure and marked the spot so that they could find it again. Geocaching works the same way – only advances in technology have taken things to a whole new level.

Grab your GPS. It’s time to geocache.

Hidden treasure troves – known as caches – have been hidden around the world. Their coordinates have been uploaded to our website along with details and clues. All you have to do is load this information into a compatible GPS device and set out on an adventure to find them. If you want to take something from the cache, be sure to have something to leave behind for the next person to find.


Packing list - Prep for the hunt

We know you’re excited to get started. But you’ll need to resist the urge to hit the trail the moment you load caches into your device. A successful geocaching adventure takes a little planning to keep things safe and fun.

First, start by reading the description and logs for the caches you’ve chosen to hunt. Look to see if anyone has logged any specific advice to help you out. This will also let you know if anyone has had difficulties finding the cache lately – an indicator that it might no longer be there.

Also take a moment to consider the terrain, weather and any other environmental considerations that might affect what you need to pack. For some caches, all you need is your GPS, but others might take more gear. Here’s a quick checklist of things you might want to consider bringing along*:


  • A buddy
  • Hiking shoes
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Flashlight
  • Extra GPS batteries
  • Pen and notebook
  • Camera
  • Plenty of water
  • Snacks or quick meals
  • Something to leave behind in the caches if you want to take something



Family. Adventure. Pure nature.